About us

Geoffrey Onwuzulike Ibeagha Foundation also known as RAH Ministry was founded in 2013 with a mandate to reach the Rejected Afflicted and Handicapped including the Widows, Orphans, and less privileged in our our society in the areas of Education, Health, Social welfare and spiritual helps. We are currently operating in 5 states in the country viz: Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Sokoto and Abuja.

Aims & Objective

  1. To provide social care and support for youths, vulnerable women, children, orphans and widows all over Nigeria.
  2. To help nurture and demonstrate and assist the abandon babies, orphanage and less privileged.
  3. Offering spiritual through ministration of God’s word.
  4. To assist widow in building their capacity to make them economically independent.
  5. To empower the poor in the society through skill acquisition, job creation opportunities, and poverty alleviation.
  6. Provision of humanitarian services in places of conflict & natural disaster.
  7. Provision of nurture and care for motherless babies, rejected, abused & oppressed person in the society.